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LC COmmunity Development

Having incorporated in April 2002, this organization is still in its planning and development stages. Members of Love Center Ministries a church that has been active  in its East Oakland community since its founding in 1972, formed the Love Center Community Development Corporation. Their desire was to create a resource for educating and enhancing the quality of life for residents of the community. Only one of the incorporators sits on the organization's Board of Directors, and the organization functions as a completely separate and independent entity from the church. The new Board is comprised of some nlocal residents and reflects the broad diversity of the community. In providing services, the organization will not discriminate   on   the basis of  race,  sex,  creed,  sexual   preference,   sexual   identity,   sexual orientation, religion ethnicity or national origin.

The organization's overarching goal is community development. It will work to create, develop, enhance and expand both educational and occupational opportunities by focusing on establishing and maintaining partnerships and collaborative efforts with faith-based and secular organizations in the community to benefit and abet low income residents. While meeting concerns of basic food and shelter needs for the poor, the indigent and those who suffer with various addictions, medical and mental health needs, the organization will also work to sponsor or promote town­ hall meetings and forums to address inter-generational issues of racism, gentrification, discrimination and entrepreneurship in the community. We will celebrate diversity, community service, cultural differences through exhibits, fairs and activities while providing strong foundations that nurture hope, creativity and desires to live and excel.


By our commitment to diversity and inclusion. By addressing the economic challenges in our community serving the homeless and underserved. We intend to partner with surrounding churches and organizations to extend their existing services.  goals to ensure that every Bay Area resident has access to a good job, lives in a safe and affordable home, has a strong political voice, and can live in a community that provides real opportunity.


We will serve as a parent organization that umbrellas for several programs designed to provide needed services for members of the community. As described below, the organization will begin operations by opening a bilingual centers to help reduce the financial burdens associated with innovative services and increase employment opportunities for the parent(s) and youth in the community. As accomplished goals of the organization yield community support, respect and involvement via  the successful operation, our organization plans to develop job readiness programs and address the plight of the homeless in the community.

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